What can I do, if I am receiving error message from NinjaScript Editor?

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Normally you will not get any error message from NinjaSript editor. But there may be unusual occassions when you may receive some error message when you compile your NinjaScript Editor. Please follow the below process to provide us with those information for us to look at. Please note, our support is completely restricted, if the issue is related to our products only. Otherwise, please contact NinjaTrader support and they will be happy to help you resolving the issue.

To send the error message from NinjaScript Editor:

  • Open NinjaTrader.
  • From the Control Centre select the New menu--> select NinjaScript Editor.
  • Click at the top of the window "Compile" button, like the screenshot below.
  • If there is any compilation error, at the bottom of the NinjaScript Editor window, a new section will appear where you can find the error locations including other very useful information.
  • Take a screenshot of the full error showing and send it to us.

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