Price Level Volume Insights - Video Tutorial

Modified on Sat, 24 Sep 2022 at 12:19 PM

This indicator plots lots of volume related information and insights at price level for each tick. It does plot on historical data and market replay for you to backtest. Also this indicator can be used for any financial instruments. Now, it has 3 main parts which are left side volume profile, daily session POCs and right side Volume profile. Now all these works independently ie, settings of one does not affect the other. With the right margin volume profile you can plot for any number of days buy and sell volume at tick level to any user defined tick levels. Traditional volume profiles does not plot on buy sell volumes separately on top of each other; thus you have no clue which side is stronger than other. But this indicator plots buy and sell volume separately and on top of each other so that you know at that price level which side is stronger.

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