HA Scalping Strategy - Any recommended settings and historical trades

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Do you have any recommended settings for NQ / ES Futures from your testing?

- We don't offer any specific template of settings for this strategy, as different trader has different trading style and goal; and for regulatory reasons. You can use market replay data to optimize your settings for any instrument to achieve the goal you are focused on based on your trading style.

Also the back testing on NT8 doesn't seem to generate any historical trades. Any suggestions as to why? Does it perhaps tick replay as it used Heiken Ashi bars? Any recommendations for back testing as well?

- Current version of the strategy doesn't allow back testing, it only can be forward tested using market replay data and using live data using sim accounts. In future, if backtesting is allowed, it will be mentioned on the product page. It's not an error, rather this strategy was programmed this way.

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