I have some questions regarding the automated strategies

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Which strategies give the best performance?

- Our automated and semi-automated strategies are developed with flexibility so that it can adopt as per traders' goal. Performance will depend on many factors e.g., instrument, settings, market etc. Same strategy might be effective for one trader, but not effective for another as they might have different trading goal and style. So you can visit our strategies page at Automated Strategies and watch the video tutorials including strategies' details. If you find any suitable, you can test them using market replay data or live data using Playback or Sim accounts respectively to know which one works best for you and provide best performance as all of them offers first month free trial period. You can also use this free trial period to optimize your settings.

Do you have past performances that I can see, or back testing ?

- Past performance doesn't gurantee future performance and same settings doesn't work for all. Therefore, we don't offer any performance history. Rather, you can use market replay to run the strategy based on your settings which is suitable for you and then right click on the chart and open the strategy performance to know how it would have performed. Having said, not all of the strategies have features for backtesting using default NinjaTrader strategy analyzer. But those are mentioned in respective strategy product details' page. 

Is it possible to set a daily profit and loss?

- There are provisions to do that. But individual strategy has different way to use this feature. Please visit our strategies at Automated Strategies and then you can find this feature on respective strategy details page. Please note, some of the strategies may not have it. However, if you want to add any feautre, you can contact us to customize it and add some features for you for a one of fee.

I see that each strategy has several versions, but if I want to register it only gives one version?

- That's correct. Every strategy goes through different updates and upgrades and those versions are detailed in respective product pages. The latest versions are available to download to use.

If it is difficult for me to operate, will you help me with remote control?

- If you face any difficulty, we provide to support you in many different ways including technical support though forum or even remote support, if necessary. It will depend on the support required. But we encourage you to post a topic at the support forum which is answered by our technical support team much quicker.

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