Ranging Market Scalping Strategy - NQ or ES settings

Posted about 2 months ago by Tracy Manes

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Tracy Manes

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions regarding these instruments?

I have tried an assortment of settings for both ATR and swing stop settings and I can't find anything that remotely makes any sense at all.

Any help regarding settings in general would be appreciated!!!

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Support Agent posted about 1 month ago

Thanks for your notes. Please find the responses below:

1. The amount shown in chart C is realized pnl. But your daily loss limit includes unrealized pnl as well to limit the risk. 

2. Pt/SL are plotted based on the settings you have used specially within Money Management section in the settings. 

3. I would recommend to optimize your settings using different re-entry offset value, target ratio, stoploss and stop loss distance options for your respective instrument. Different Instrument with different TF behaves differently. You can use market replay and later using strategy performance analyser, you can optimize your settings. 

I hope, it helped. I will keep it open for any other member to provide any further info or comment on this issue.

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Tracy Manes posted about 1 month ago

So, in the attachment, the first three images are my settings.  After that, there are 3 chart images A, B & C.

1) In Chart image C, you'll see that the daily loss limit of $500 was reached long before $500 in NET losses were incurred.  It looks like the "daily loss limit" applies only to trades which stop out and doesn't take into account the offsetting filled orders during the same period.  This makes no sense to me because you can't plan for your limit.  I've tried this several times and keep getting the same result of hitting the loss limit before the net aggregate losses total $500.

2) Chart images A&B are a progression of the same trade, but they are typical of what I've seen in other trades on the ES & NQ.  Instead of reaching the swing extreme (in this case a high) and trading short, it seems to be trading towards the outer limit of the swing from the middle of the range.  In this example, there are 2 active trades going long towards the outer limit in the wrong direction. Why wouldn't it have reached the swing high and sold short?

3) Again, Chart images A&B.  The Stops for both trades are set so low that you hit your daily loss limit before they ever reset to a closer price.  No matter what I try for the ATR & Swing style stop settings, I get this initial stop set up.  I've watched the video several times and the problem is that, in this scenario, the stop never resets because a lower / resistance swing doesn't appear.

What am I missing?? Do you have any additional documentation besides the introduction video or the information on the Ranging Market strategy webpage?


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Support Agent posted about 1 month ago

Hi Tracy,
Thanks for your post. Can you please upload any settings you have used for it? 
Also can you please specify what you didn't find?

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