Posted about 1 month ago by RONI BARTON

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I started working with the strategy today on the NQ contract

I am using default settings whit activate trailing stop

But there are a few problems.

  1. It activates the trailing stop whit take profit only when opening a short position
  2. When opening long position no stop and no take profit
  3. When he opens 3 short contracts he immediately puts an order to open three more contracts and now I have 6 contracts and the stop loss and take profit is only for 3 contracts.

It's a big problem

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RONI BARTON posted about 1 month ago

dear customer support

thanks for reply

I was told I should try your strategy. on a new workspace   

So I'll try that first,
 If it still doesn't work

then I will do what you wrote me with the market replay

thank you very much


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Support Agent posted about 1 month ago

Hi Roni,

Thanks for sending the screenshots. I have tested with the settings and on my side it didn't recreate the issue. Can you please recreate the 2 scenarios using market replay data with Playback account? When you do, you can screen record the occurrences using zoom or any other screen recording softwares and upload it here for us to review so that we can recreat it. But please make sure you show the below in your recording:

a. TF used.

b. Instrument name.

c. Date and time of occurrence.

d. And the settings used.

It's very important that we can recreate the issue for us to resolve or answer your queries. 

Please note, we have got lots of customers already using this strategy and so far none has reported this issue. I am assuming that this should be something local to you. Looking forward to your reply.

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RONI BARTON posted about 1 month ago

please see attachment

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Support Agent posted about 1 month ago

Can you please send us the entire settings you are using for the strategy testing by taking some screeshots and uploading here for us to review?
Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

Rize Capital Support

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