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Posted about 1 month ago by Jeremy Grantham

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Jeremy Grantham

I'm hoping I am just missing something but there are a few things that I would like to do that I feel like should be configurable but I can't figure out how.

1.) Is it it possible to us the 'Bar No. For Entry' parameter in conjunction with an ATM? I can only find that parameter if I use the stop loss/profit target option.

2.) In regards to the stop loss/profit target option, I don't see a way to set a profit target for a trade taken. There is a daily profit target and a per-trade stop loss, but what about a per-trade profit target? 

3.) Is there a way to configure how many bars it takes to signal a reversal? For example, if I am long and a small red doji candle appears, it will close the trade and reverse. Is there a way to tell the bot not to perform that behavior until 2 red bars print instead of 1? Essentially a 'Bar No. For Exit' parameter.

Thanks in advance!

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Support Agent posted about 1 month ago


Thanks for your query.

1. Bar Number for entry is not currently applicable for ATM option. You can contact support for customization, if that's something you want. It may require one of fee for customization.

2. Again, if you are looking for a feature as per you need, you can request for customization.

3. It possible to add features like how you want the strategy to enter; but these are not included in the standard strategy. 

We have already customized this strategy for lots of custmers, as per their additional requirements. Please submit your request with all logics and changes you want through https://rizecap.com/custom-programming/.

Thanks again for your interest.

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