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Posted about 1 month ago by Jeremy Grantham

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Jeremy Grantham

I am having issues where the strategy is closing the current position, but then not opening a new positon. For example, using it on the 3-min HA chart. The strategy has me in a long position. After several green bars, the chart prints a red bar. Upon close of that red bar, the strategy closes my long position, but then it does not open a new short position. Please advise. Screenshot of settings attached. 

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Support Agent posted about 1 month ago

Thanks for the screenshot and info.

First thing I can observe is, whether you have already restricted the trade entry with your time ranges or not. If it's then, it won't place any further trade. 

Having said, if it's within time range, then it will only open a new position when a bar colour has changed after exiting current position rather than immediately. Thum rule is, it has to have a change of bar colour for simple execution. i hope that clarifies. You can also watch video tutorial at https://rizecap.com/strategy/rchascalpingstrategy-premium-strategy/

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