Institutional Entry Exit - Premium Indicator

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Institutional Entry Exit indicator is custom developed by Rize Capital and to be used on NinjaTrader 8 platform . Sole purpose of this indicator is to generate signals with plots to let the user know where might institutions have entered or exited or added largely to an existing trading positions. This indicator requires Order Flow + tools ie, you will need NinjaTrader 8 Lifetime licence. If you don’t have it, you need to contact NinjaTrader directly for more info on NinjaTrader 8 platform licencing. 

After adding this indicator to your chart, if you see triangle plotted on top of bars as shown with red arrows in Image – 1, that means it is highly likely big players have entered / exited a position or added huge volume for their existing position. Now to be sure, if you look at the price actions above on the chart where white rectangles are drawn – you will see the market price movement changed its direction as soon as we have triangles plotted on the bars in indicator panel. You can take these opportunities and gain competitive advantage over others.

This indicator can be used on any market, any instrument. You also need to make sure you have historical tick data for your instrument on the chart from your broker or data provider. Otherwise your historical plots may show gaps. 

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Now different time frame may require different ratio parameter value for the triangles to be plotted effectively and same for different instrument. You can use different ratio value from the parameter marked with white rectangle in Image – 2 and find the best value for you; as different instruments and different time frame of the same instruments behave differently. It is highly recommended not to change any default settings within the red rectangle shown in Image – 3 for accurate functioning of this indicator. If you like to change the volume  bar plots’ color or style, you can do that from the options marked with light blue rectangle shown in Image – 4.

If you still have any further query, please do watch the video tutorial by clicking here.

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